Reyndersstraat 27, 2000 Antwerpen

FRequently asked questions

What makes your cookie dough safe to eat? 


Our cookie dough doesn't contain any raw ingredients, in addition to using heat-treated flour, making it 100% safe to eat. Everyone, including pregnant women, can enjoy our cookie dough. 


Where can I find a menu? 


As our flavours change regularly, we don't have a fixed menu. However, we do post our flavours of the day on both Instagram and Facebook, daily. 


Do you have a delivery service? 


Yes! We have partnered with Ubereats for deliveries in Antwerp (+ surroundings); simply place an order through the Ubereats website or app. 



For large(r)/catering orders, contact us at info@thedoughbar.be. 


How do I place an order for an event?


Contact us at info@thedoughbar.be with your requests, and together we will work on finding the perfect solution.


Pricing wise, we will get back to you with a price as soon as possible. 


Do you have vegan options? 


Yes! At least one of our daily flavours is vegan.

We also occasionally offer vegan Carrot cake and Brownies. If you'd like to purchase a vegan cake or brownie, simply inform us through our Facebook page. 


Do you have gluten-free options?


Unfortunately, we do not have any gluten-free options. 


Do you have lactose-free options?


While our dough doesn't contain milk, it does contain butter - although with a very low lactose content - which shouldn't cause problems for most lactose intolerant people. 


For extra assurance, our vegan dough is 100% lactose-free. 


Does your cookie dough contain nuts?


Only the doughs that require nuts for their flavour contain nuts (ex. Kinder Bueno dough, Snickers dough, etc.). 


As our flavours change daily, it is best to ask us through our Facebook page or in store. 


Can I buy a gift card?


Yes! You can buy a gift card in store, or by email. After we receive your payment, we will send your gift card through Bpost (nationwide). 


What are the conditions of a gift card?


A gift card is valid for 6 months. 


A gift card does not have to be used all at once, and can be used for anything we offer.